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Brendan Cormack - Professor
Molecular Biology & Genetics

725 N. Wolfe Street
617 Hunterian
Baltimore, MD 21205

Office: 410-614-4923
Fax: 410-502-6718


Assistant: Cynthia Rogers
Fungal pathogenesis: the host-pathogen interaction for the yeast pathogen Candida glabrata

Relevant Publications:
Kaur R, Ma B, Cormack BP. A family of glycosylphosphatidylinositol-linked asparyl proteases is required for virulence of Candida glabrata. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2007; 104:7628-7633.
PubMed Abstract

Domergue, R., I. Castaño, A. De Las Peñas, M. Zupancic, V. Lockatell, J.R. Hebel, D. Johnson and B.P. Cormack (2005) Nicotinic acid limitation regulates silencing of Candida adhesins during UTI. Science. 308: 866-870.
PubMed Abstract

Castaño, I., S. Pan, M. Zupancic, C. Hennequin, B. Dujon, and B.P. Cormack (2005) Telomere length control and transcriptional regulation of sub-telomeric adhesins in Candida glabrata. Mol Microbiol. 55: 1246-1258.
PubMed Abstract

Frieman, M.B. and B.P. Cormack (2003) The omega-site sequence of glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae can determine distribution between the membrane and the cell wall. Mol Microbiol. 50: 883-896.
PubMed Abstract

De Las Peñas, A., S. Pan, I. Castaño, J. Alder, R. Cregg and B.P. Cormack (2003) Virulence-related surface glycoproteins in the yeast pathogen Candida glabrata are encoded in subtelomeric clusters and subject to RAP1- and SIR-dependent transcriptional silencing. Genes Dev. 17(18): 2245-2258.
PubMed Abstract

Castaño I, R. Kaur, S. Pan, R. Cregg, A. De Las Peñas, N. Guo, M. Biery, N. Craig and B.P. Cormack (2003) Tn7-Based Genome-Wide Random Insertional Mutagenesis of Candida glabrata. Genome Res. 13(5): 905-913.
PubMed Abstract

Frieman, M.B., J.M. McCaffery, and B.P. Cormack (2002) Modular domain structure in the Candida glabrata adhesin Epa1p, a beta1,6 glucan-cross-linked cell wall protein. Mol Microbiol. 46(2): 479-492.
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Graduate Program AffiliationsBiochemistry, Cellular & Molecular Biology (BCMB)
Cellular and Molecular Medicine (CMM)


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