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Geraldine Seydoux - Professor
Molecular Biology & Genetics

725 N. Wolfe Street
706 PCTB
Baltimore, MD 21205

Office: 410-614-4622
Fax: 410-955-9124


Molecular Genetics of Embryonic Polarity and Germ Cell Development
Our lab studies the earliest stages of embryogenesis to understand how single-celled eggs develop into complex multicellular embryos. We focus on the choice between soma and germline, one of the first developmental decisions faced by embryos. Our goal is to identify and characterize the molecular mechanisms that activate embryonic development, polarize embryos, and distinguish between somatic and germline cells. We use genetic, molecular and biochemical techniques and use the Caenorhabditis elegans as a model system.
Relevant Publications:
Voronina E, Paix A, Seydoux G. The P granule component PGL-1 promotes the localization and silencing activity of the PUF protein FBF-2 in germline stem cells. Development. 2012 Oct;139(20):3732-40.
PubMed Reference
Griffin E , Odde D and Seydoux G. Regulation of the MEX-5 gradient by a spatially-segregated kinase-phosphatase cycle (2011). Cell, 16;146(6):955-68.
PubMed Reference  

Motegi F, Zonies S, Hao Y,  Cuenca A , Griffin E, Seydoux G. (2011). Microtubules induce self-organization of polarized PAR domains in C. elegans zygotes. Nature Cell Biology, 13(11):1361-7.
PubMed Reference
Merritt C, Seydoux G. (2010). The Puf RNA-binding Proteins FBF-1 and FBF-2 Inhibit the Expression of Synaptonemal Complex Proteins in Germline Stem Cells. Development, 137(11):1787-98.
PubMed Reference

Gallo C, Wang J,  Motegi F, Seydoux,G. (2010). Cytoplasmic partitioning of P granule components is not required to specify the germline in C. elegans. Science, 17;330(6011):1685-9.
PubMed Reference
Graduate Program AffiliationsBiochemistry, Cellular & Molecular Biology (BCMB)
Human Genetics and Molecular Biology


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