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Elizabeth Chen, Associate ProfessorMechanisms of cell-cell fusion in development and disease
Jeffry Corden, ProfessorRNA Polymerase II Phosphorylation and Transcription Regulation
Brendan Cormack, ProfessorFungal pathogenesis: the host-pathogen interaction for the yeast pathogen Candida glabrata
Nancy L. Craig, ProfessorThe Mechanism and Regulation of DNA Transposition Reactions
Stephen Desiderio, ProfessorMechanisms of Development in the Immune System
Rachel Green, ProfessorMechanisms of Ribosome Translation and Translational Control
Carol Greider, Daniel Nathans Professor & DirectorTelomeres and telomerase in stem cell failure and cancer
Andrew Holland, Assistant ProfessorMolecular mechanisms underlying accurate chromosome segregation and centrosome duplication
Se-Jin Lee, ProfessorGrowth and differentiation factors, mammalian development
Jeremy Nathans, ProfessorMolecular mechanisms of retinal development and disease; the role of Frizzled receptors in mammalian development.
Duojia D.J. Pan, ProfessorMolecular genetics of tumor suppressor genes and oncogenes
Randall Reed, ProfessorMolecular mechanisms of signal transduction and neurogenesis in the olfactory system
Sergi Regot, Assistant ProfessorSignaling Network Dynamics at Single Cell Level
Geraldine Seydoux, ProfessorMolecular Genetics of Embryonic Polarity and Germ Cell Development
Sin Urban, ProfessorBiochemistry, cell and chemical biology of intra-membrane proteases in cell signaling and microbial pathogenesis


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